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Video. Ping. Rank.

When the original VidPenguin launched in June of 2015. It completely revolutionized video SEO and how marketers ranked videos on Google. At the time, VidPenguin was the Number One SAAS app for getting videos to the front page of Google.

Since then, Google has changed many video ranking algorithms to make it more selective with what videos see page 1. Yet over time, they’ve left a footprint of what it takes to be worthy of being on their search pages.

It’s not easy, but one can still get videos ranked with the right tools and some ingenuity.

That is where VidPenguin2 comes in

After a year of rewriting the code to accommodate all the Google changes, automating some more successful SEO strategies, and Beta-Testing with our core video ranking experts, VidPenguin2 is now ready for the public.

VidPenguin2 Video Ping

This software builds upon the ranking algorithm pioneered by the original software. However, the new feature upgrades and SEO tools will give video marketers more ranking power in 2021 and beyond.

The most recent update for video pinging includes some cool new features:

First, the thumbnail swapping feature allows you to rotate different thumbnails per URL variation.

Perfect for promoting a campaign where your audience never knows which video they may be watching next!

Second, you can automatically spin different versions of the YouTube title and description to go after more keywords while posting across the most popular blogging and social media platforms.

Feel confident that you’re posting the best keywords and content possible by varying the titles and descriptions to cast a wider net for search traffic.

Third, this latest release has templates for popular blogging platforms where users can easily recycle their content based on similar video ranking strategies.

Save time by re-using template groups to quickly syndicate each new video you post.

Lastly, VidPenguin2’s real power comes with the “Freeze and Ping” power scheduler.

This feature can randomly post video embeds and social links over time (up to a year away).

Thus creating a powerful evergreen ranking strategy by using an immediate ping service with LinkProcessor, along with our proprietary “drip-feed” ranking strategy for long-term ranking success.

Take control of your online marketing strategy with VidPenguin2’s powerful features.

See it in action

Here is a short demo with music to show how easy it is to embed your videos and socially syndicate them to hundred's within seconds of pinging your video on VidPenguin2.

But the Ranking Magic doesn’t end there…

VidPenguin2 does something
NO other software does.

Image pinging the YouTube thumbnail with either the original thumbnail image or inserting a series of images that you want linking back to the video.

Why is this important?

Google both indexes images while reading the EXIF data of the image. This little-used SEO trick is an excellent booster to help rank your videos in the Google SERPs.

VidPenguin2 Image Ping

This new indexing feature allows you to create a unique set of images using YouTube link variations along with spun titles and descriptions, which you can post on Amazon S3 and Flickr accounts for an even more powerful series of backlinks!

Be on the cutting edge of Video SEO ranking and build up your business without having to do all the work.

You also have the opportunity to create your own unique series of attention-grabbing images by replacing the default YouTube Thumbnail image.

Your Video SEO efforts will be made easier by implementing the SEO strategies used by the Pros to get your video to the top of the SERPs.

“I have been part of the Beta team, the effectiveness and simplicity of this tool will amaze you beyond measure. Setting up the templates SAVES SO MUCH time to get more url exposure out there with the least effort. Called "cool tricks".”

Scott Rogers, PersonalizedWineBoxes.com

What is in Each Plan?

    Standard Plan

  • Active Pings: 20


  • Link Processor: Yes


  • Allow SpinRewriter: Yes


  • RSS Feed Creator: Yes


  • PBN Posting: Yes


  • Integrated with

    Masher Sites : Yes

    Pro Plan

  • Active Pings: 100


  • Link Processor: Yes


  • Allow SpinRewriter: Yes


  • Social Integrations:

    • WordPress - 20
    • Twitter - 20
    • Blogger - 20
    • Tumblr - 20
  • Automation Tools:

    • Zapier
    • Integromat


  • Thumbnail Swaps: Yes


  • Cloning Templates: Yes


  • Image Pings Allowed: 100


  • RSS Feed Creator: Yes


  • PBN Posting: Yes


  • Integrated with

    Masher Sites: Yes


    Agency Plan

  • Active Pings: Unlimited


  • Link Processor: Yes


  • Allow SpinRewriter: Yes


  • Social Integrations:

    • WordPress - Unl.
    • Twitter - Unl.
    • Blogger - Unl.
    • Tumblr - Unl.
  • Automation Tools:

    • Zapier
    • Integromat


  • Thumbnail Swaps: Yes


  • Cloning Templates: Yes


  • Image Pings Allowed: Unl.


  • RSS Feed Creator: Yes


  • PBN Posting: Yes


  • Integrated with

    Masher SItes: Yes


  • Amazon HTML Embed: Yes


  • Flicker Integration: Yes





  • 20 Active Pings

  • RSS Feed

  • PBN Posting

  • Masher Sites

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  • Standard Plan+

  • 100 Active Pings

  • Social Syndications

  • Template Cloning

  • Image Pinging

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  • Pro Plan+

  • Unlimited Pings

  • Unlimited Social Integrations

  • Amazon HTML Pages

  • Flicker Integrated for Image Pinging

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VidPenguin2 FAQs: 


  • Cancel the subscription in the first 14 days and get a full refund.

    After the first 14-Days, your paid subscription can be cancelled at any time and will not be rebilled past your paid subscription period. You will have access to the software until the current subscription period ends.


  • Absolutely! Not only do you get full software training on each feature, you will also receive one of the best Video Ranking Strategies Courses that has ever been published.

    This video training course will teach you everything you need to know about Video SEO and each step needed to move your videos higher and higher in the Google SERPS.


  • The original software was first launched in 2015 and went through several updates over the years. The VidPenguin2 is a completely new software, with dozens of new features. It was soft launced to our Video SEO matermind group late in 2020 and now it's available to all video marketers. 


  • The cold hard fact is that NO software can tell Google what to put on their Search Engines or in what order. And NO software can guarantee you instant Page 1 rankings. If they do… Run Away (and never look back).

    Let’s talk about the reality of ranking on Google. We tell all our clients that we built the NEW VidPenguin2 to give you an effortless way to automate all the tasks necessary to jump-start your video ranking success and put you ahead of 98% of the marketers that are posting videos daily on YouTube.


  • The SAAS app literally takes less then 60 seconds per video to start the automation processes. Depending on the competion, the keyword, and the niche will determine how soon you might start seeing results. In low competition niches, we've seen page 1 rankings in as little as a few minutes, while others may take days or longer. And in some instances, the video may not rank on certain keywords that you target, but on other long-tail keywords like your title and tags.


  • YES,  we have a very active Facebook group and we do a live mastermind call every other Friday on GeekOutFridays.com

“VidPenguin2 is the first step any serious video SEO marketer should take after uploading or streaming their video to YouTube. Often it is the only step needed."

Damon Nelson

VidPenguin Productions

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